Together with basic several years no body you are going to discover mortgage forgiveness for the the public service mortgage forgiveness program until

Which had been diluting you to amount method much less than what it is, but over the last five, six months, for that reason waiver, we have witnessed from the 70,100000 or 80,100 somebody that has today acquired public service loan forgiveness

Dr. Jim Dahle:
You’re basically at the end of this process, everybody’s getting PSLF that knows the rules and is qualifying for them. I think it’s probably time to maybe even phase out the idea of a PSLF side fund except to protect you from your own career changes. You think it’s too early to say that, Andrew? You think they still need to keep it in relatively safe stuff, at least some of it?

I think at this stage in the game, they’re close enough there. And if they’re just going to stick around in that position for two more years with the increase of people that are actually receiving public service loan forgiveness. A couple of years ago, it was like 3% or 4%, but over the last couple of months, we’ve seen that success rate move up to somewhere in the teens. And I’m assuming that that number will continue to go up that it’s a pretty sure-fire thing now that they’re going to get there and receive that loan forgiveness.

I definitely think they can start shifting their mindset towards some of their other financial goals like you had stated earlier. Saving for different things other than just putting money aside for this side fund.

That was diluting you to definitely amount way far lower than what it is, however, over the last four, half a year, because of this waiver, there’s been on 70,000 or 80,one hundred thousand somebody that has today received public-service mortgage forgiveness

Dr. Jim Dahle:
Yeah, for sure. It’s been interesting to watch the last few years as it becomes a trickle to more of an avalanche. Even those numbers you’re throwing out there though, where it was 1% of the people that applied, those are really honest numbers. Those aren’t people who actually qualify to get PSLF. Most of them didn’t qualify. And I think the denominator they’re using is everybody filing an annual certification form. 16% of those filing an annual certification form is not too bad, given that most of those people don’t have their 120 payments yet.

Yeah. So, you had all these people applying back then in the early days. And they were factored into the overall success rate number. And obviously, nobody could receive it until that point in time.

You’ve got one to financing who has a 100, and then you got the one that keeps 80

Thus, it really provides the amount around throughout the ninety,100000 while the in the 1st number of years, there have been just about ten,000 – 12,one hundred thousand – 15,100 or so borrowers which had obtained it. But over the past half a year approximately you to definitely amount enjoys moved way up. Thus, we are going to obviously start seeing this particular is more from a sure-flame point. Just in case you qualify, however put your own cap indeed there, and give it an attempt.

That was diluting one to number ways much less than what it is, however, during the last five, six months, because of this waiver, there have been about 70,000 or 80,100 people that have now obtained public-service mortgage forgiveness

Dr. Jim Dahle:
Yeah, for sure. All right. The second part of his question was initially when graduating from medical school, I was given bad advice, conflating consolidation with refinancing payday loans online. Therefore, I didn’t consolidate my federal debt for fear of eliminating PSLF eligibility. My PSLF qualified payment counts are identical on all of my 20 or 30 individual direct loans. And all of them are PSLF eligible.

Which had been diluting you to matter ways far below the goals, but within the last five, six months, due to this fact waiver, there were on the 70,one hundred thousand or 80,one hundred thousand somebody that has today gotten public-service mortgage forgiveness

Dr. Jim Dahle:
Is there any benefit for me in consolidating now under the waiver? Would it raise my credit score, for example, to have a smaller number of loans, even though the balance is the same? I’m buying my first home in the next two to three years.

Yeah. Short answer, no. Doing a direct federal consolidation, it’s not going to benefit you at this point. And like you stated, the number of your payment count, and this is a huge concern for so many out there. If that was a situation then, okay, perhaps you could look into consolidation. But at this point in time where the counts are the same, your eight and a half or so years in you’re only two years out, why would you make things more complicated in this situation?


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